The Ghost Festival is live.

30 Aug

So the festival proper is over and the full Ghost Festival programme can now be found up here.

Have a look through the array of events that were there to be discovered, and the brilliant range of people who contributed.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen, it was a truly fun and inspiring project to help make happen.

Please leave any thoughts here or email me at andy[at] I’d love to know what you think. And perhaps we’ll have another Ghost Festival at some point soon.


The Festival is open

13 Aug

Thanks to everyone who submitted events to the Ghost Festival, the festival is now open.

If you are in Edinburgh and want to be involved, simply come to Forest Fringe and collect a card and a wristband.

At the end of the Festival all the events will be posted up here with the names of their creators. Till then, the only way to discover them is to search out anyone in Edinburgh with a thin green, wristband made of twine.

Gathering Events!

30 Jul

Hello all,

This is a new project for the Edinburgh Festival this summer, though you don’t need to be going anywhere near Edinburgh to be involved.

We’re making a ghost Festival. A festival of imagined events, each written on a card and handed out to people in the city, to read and imagine in the brief breaks they find for themselves amidst the mayhem of the real city.

Each event is tiny and fleeting. A moment of imagined performance. They might look like this:

Two men in matching animal costumes chasing a Ford Focus.
A fire that might be out of control.
A man trapped on a motorway embankment.
Everything you can remember about history recounted backwards.
A hall of mirrors in total darkness.
An abandoned keyboard playing its demo track till the battery runs down.

Or you might have your own ideas about how they should look.

We’d love to have your contributions. To add something either respond to me on my twitter page, or email me at Andy.t.field[at], or respond in the comments here, though note – your comment will not show up on the actual site as all the events will remain a secret till after the festival.

Spread the word far and wide and let’s see if we can gather 100 events to be part of this ghost festival.